Mission Statement


A success oriented adult learning centre delivering accredited high school education to mature students in an innovative, supportive, community environment. Flexible programming, free tuition, modern technology and dedicated professionals provide a bridge between the needs of the individual learners and their educational goals.


We Offer:


  •     Senior High School programming for adult learners.
  •     A supportive learning environment.
  •     Annual $40.00 registration fee.
  •     No tuition fees.


"Horizons" believes in providing:


  •     A climate that is welcoming and conducive to learning.
  •     Encouragement for each student to access his/her learning to the greatest possible extent.
  •     Support for the development, application and evaluation of new knowledge, skills and ideas.
  •     Our program is designed to assist learners to complete their Grade 12 Mature Student Diploma in order to move forward in their lives.


What's on Your Horizon?


  •     Post-secondary education or training.
  •     Personal satisfaction and fulfillment.
  •     Join the workforce or advancement with your current employer.


Students may attend classes to:


  •     Obtain a Grade 12 Mature Student Diploma
  •     Upgrade to gain employment or admittance to post-secondary education, community colleges, universities, or other training programs.